FameLab Germany 2022



Passionate about Science?

Three minutes is enough time to make tea. But to explain scientific theories about the end of the universe? Or the functions of stem cells? In the FameLab science competition, young scientists have 180 seconds to explain their research topic to the audience and a top-class jury. Technically correct, entertaining and captivating.  Every year, impressive young scientists perform on stage at the FameLab regional heats throughout Germany. The two best participants from each of the preliminary heats then take part in the FameLab Germany finals in Bielefeld, where they compete for the chance to represent Germany at the international FameLab finals. 


Dates / Tickets

17.03.2022 FameLab preliminary heat Bielefeld, TOR 6 Theaterhaus 
22.03.2022 FameLab preliminary heat Regensburg, Kulturzentrum ALTE MÄLZEREI
23.03.2022 FameLab preliminary heat Dresden, Technische Sammlungen Dresden
30.03.2022 FameLab preliminary heat Karlsruhe, Kulturzentrum Tollhaus
16.05.2022 FameLab Germany Final, Rudolf-Oetker-Halle Bielefeld


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