Famelab Germany 2022

Information for Participants

17.03.2022 FameLab preliminary heat Bielefeld, TOR 6 Theaterhaus 
22.03.2022 FameLab preliminary heat Regensburg, Kulturzentrum ALTE MÄLZEREI
23.03.2022 FameLab preliminary heat Dresden, Technische Sammlungen Dresden
30.03.2022 FameLab preliminary heat Karlsruhe, Kulturzentrum Tollhaus
16.05.2022 FameLab Germany Final, Rudolf-Oetker-Halle Bielefeld

1st prize: 300 €
Participation in a two-day communication and media training in Bielefeld (April 02 + 03, 2022)
Participation in the FameLab Germany finals in Bielefeld
2nd prize: 200 €
Participation in a two-day communication and media training course in Bielefeld (April 02 + 03, 2022)
Participation in the FameLab Germany finals in Bielefeld
Audience award:
Will be announced on the evening of the event.
International final:
The winner of the national final will participate in the international final of FameLab and will meet a global network of outstanding science communicators.

Communication and media training
The regional winners and runners-up will receive two days of communication and media training prior to the FameLab Germany final. This not only gives them the opportunity to improve their presentation for the final, but also helps them gain experience for their future careers, such as how to handle interviews, general media work or how to present their research work.
The professional training is conducted in cooperation with NaWik (National Insititute for Science Communication).



The regional competitions take place throughout Germany between March and April. You decide which regional decision you would like to take part in when you register. 
The regional preliminary rounds are the first step in the FameLab process. Only those who convince the jury can secure a seat in the national final, whose winner will represent Germany at FameLab International.


The Procedure
A regional competition takes place on one day and in front of an audience.
After the presentation, the jury has four minutes to ask the candidate questions and give feedback. After all presentations have been made, the judges confer before announcing the winner. The audience votes on the winner of the audience award.

The Rules
Presentations should not exceed three minutes. When the time is up, a signal will be given.
PowerPoint and similar presentation programs are not allowed.
Props that can be brought on stage by oneself are allowed to be used.
In case of a high number of participants, a 'First Round' will be held in the afternoon, followed by a final in the evening. Therefore, participants are asked to prepare two presentations. These can be on the same topic, but should not be identical.
Presentations can be given in German as well as in English.

The Jury
The jury is composed of experts from different fields such as research or communication.
The jury grades according to the following three criteria: Content, Clarity and Charisma.

Content: The content of the presentation must be scientifically correct. In the case of controversial topics, the opposing points of view should also be taken into account.
Clarity: Clarity is essential for effective science communication and the structuring of the presentation is therefore very important.
Charisma: The audience and the jury should be impressed and enthusiastic about the presentation.



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